My Charges




For comprehensive pre-purchase or insurance renewal surveys. 


  • $66 per metre (LOA) for survey on slipway for yachts with inboard engine.


  • $60 per metre for single or twin-engined power boats without rigging.


  • $55 per metre for yachts with no inboard engine or interior fittings (e.g. J24, Adams 10, Dragon or Etchels).  $50 per metre for an in-water survey for these yachts with no seacocks, props or underwater fittings.


  • Multihull boats - please telephone me for a quote.



On-Water Engine Evaluation Check


  • $300 (half-day).


On-Water sailing or racing tuition on your boat


  • $300 per half-day. 


General and Specialist Advice


  • $80 per hour (1 hour minimum) or $300 per half-day (4 hours) for advice - either in person, on your boat, or via telephone/email.


Marine & Nautical Photography


  • Please telephone me for a quote.


Travel Costs (if applicable)


  • No travel costs apply for work undertaken in suburban Brisbane.  Work outside Brisbane is welcome and travel is charged at (pre-agreed) cost.